About us


About Aap Climbing

Who we are

We are Aap Climbing. We are climbers, setters and gym owners. Coffeelovers, daydreamers, free thinkers. During the day, we work climbing. In the evening, we practice climbing. At night, we contemplate about climbing. All this, so we can help you build your dream.

What we do

We distribute holds and volumes from some of the world’s best, creative and eye pleasing brands. Brands that create shapes designed by professional setters, climbers and artists. People like you, who understand what you need and will help you turn your vision into reality on the wall in front of you.

How we can help you

We can guide you through the maze of brands, production facilities and matching or non-matching colors. We can show you how and why certain materials like polyester, PU or hybrids can do the job for you. We can tell you which holds will work best for your gym. Hell, we can equip an entire gym if you want us to.

What you can buy from us

Flathold, Cheeta, Kingdom Climbing, Kilter, Blocz, Blue Pill, So Ill, Grizzly, AIX, Kitka, Working Class, 360 holds, Tension, Friction Labs and Climbskin.

What you should know

To download the order forms, you’ll need an account. If you don’t have one, please fill in the contact form right here. Once we’ve processed your request, we’ll provide you with a login and password.

Shipping is not included in the prices you’ll see on the order forms. For EU produced holds and volumes, shipping costs are somewhere between 5% and 12% depending on the order size. For US produced holds and volumes, 15% is a good estimate. Obviously we won’t rest until the holds and volumes are safely delivered at your doorstep.

All orders will be paid in advance, but we won’t bother with any shipping costs until after you receive your batch of awesomeness. After you unpacked everything and went crazy setting some awesome problems or routes with them, we’ll send you the shipping invoice.

The delivery time of holds and volumes heavily depends on the place where they start their journey on the way to your gym. For EU produced holds, count on 6-8 weeks. For US produced holds, make that 2-3 months. To avoid disappointment, please contact us for the most up date delivery times before you order.

Bolts are not included with the holds, but we stock large quantities of all sizes, even the ones needed for triple XXXXXL emperor sized huge ass delight.

We don’t want you to be unhappy about anything. In case there’s something wrong with the holds or volumes you received, please let us know within 2 weeks after delivery. We’ll take back and credit any unused holds or volumes you’re unhappy about. Just don’t use them. It will be a great help if you would keep them packed and pristine as much as possible. We’ll even come over to pick them up.

What else we can do for you

Too many great holds? No idea where to start? With many decades of routesetting, gym building and hold supplying under our belt, we can help you out. Whether it’s just a few sets you need or holds and volumes for your entire gym; you let us know what you want and we’ll supply you with a detailed plan. We’ll find you the hidden gems as well as the must-haves from all our brands, tailored to your special needs. To compile large orders that require a lot of work, we’ll ask for a small fee.

Need a sponsor for your event? With many brands in our portfolio that reside in the heart of the climbing gym industry, we’ve got your back. Let us know what you want and we’ll try and find the right partner for you. Your agreement will be with the brand, but we’ll do everything to facilitate the deal and help out where we can.

So looking at all the candy on a computerscreen is not enough for you? You need to check out the goods for real? We’ll give you the full guided tour in our bouldergym (GRIP, located in the beautiful city of Nijmegen, The Netherlands). A nice selection of holds and volumes we offer is on our walls. Come and see, feel and climb them. We’ll be happy to show you around.

Any questions? Don’t hesitate to call us at +31 (0) 24 7370462 or send an email to info@aap-climbing.nl

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