Meet the team


Meet the team

Noël Poels


The man who started it all, way back in 2004. Made sure Aap Climbing grew along with the climbing industry, taking it to places we could not have ever imagined. As the owner of both Aap and GRIP boulderhal, he has created the ideal playground for his unique perspective on holds, volumes and route setting. O, and he likes heavy metal and blue cheese salad.

Emile Naus

sales manager

The visionary and storyteller of Aap. Emile has a deep knowledge of the world of climbing holds which he will gladly share with all our customers. He spends most of his days at Aap HQ or in the boulder gym, but somehow he also finds the time to write novels, play guitar and go outside to infect his daughters with the rockclimbing virus.

Sascha Prinssen

sales & logistics

The silent force in the team. Combines a degree in philosophy with a soothing smile. Sascha is our assistant sales manager and in charge of logistics. Almost unsurpassable when it comes to vegan cooking and knowledge of our entire range of brands. She’s addicted to climbing and a badass routesetter.

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