Aap Climbing is back

We’ve come a long way since World Animal Day 2004, the day on which Aap Climbing was founded (and in case you didn’t know, aap is the Dutch word for “monkey”). The climbing industry has grown beyond anything we could have ever imagined, and so did we. We’ve built too many climbing walls to count, sold holds and volumes to nearly every climbing gym in The Netherlands and Belgium and set up two gyms of our own. In 2015 we decided to take our holds and volume sales to the next level by introducing www.klimgrepen.com, a webshop that aimed to display every set from every brand we distribute. For a while, we had a company name and a brand name running next to one another.

The brand Klimgrepen.com has served us well over the last years, but now it’s time for something different. Namewise we return to our roots. We will again be distributing climbing holds and volumes under the banner of Aap Climbing; the same company that was the driving force behind Klimgrepen.com. We are proud to present you our new webpage www.aap-climbing.nl.

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