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Ordering new holds for a gym can be an overwhelming task. Budgets, matching color options, percentage feet versus handholds, jugs versus edges, different materials, you name it… There is a lot to take into account. Our new website will give an impression of what’s on offer and we will be happy to send you in the right direction from there on out.

How it works: The new website showcases all the brands that we distribute, linking to their webpages where you can view the full catalog in detail. It is no longer possible to place orders directly through a webshop. Instead, you get your own account, so that you can login and download the most up-to-date order forms for every brand. This way you always have access to current prices and available sets. We have found that working with order forms gives a lot more overview, especially when working with larger orders. Don’t hesitate to drop us a line though, in case there is anything unclear or if you’d just like some feedback while making your selection.

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